Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trash Talking

Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!
John 1:29 NISB

Each week I methodically gather all my trash and ritually prepare for the trash collector to arrive. Silly? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. The beauty of this day is that not only does he remove the trash I have created during the week, but he removes the trash that others have brought into my home. You see, trash is burdensome. It is sticky and riddled with microscopic and potential disease producing organisms, and I insist it leaves my home. However, there is another type of trash whose presence is more subtle and not so easily detected. My trash collector is not even aware of it, nor does he have the ability to dispose of its lethal by-products. This trash I am talking about are the little toxic attitudes and words that creep out of my mouth, the self berating thoughts and comments I fire at myself, the false guilt and shame I allow others to hurl at me, and the sins of my children I so readily accept as my own. Trash I have created and trash others have brought to me. Trash. Filthy, soul killing trash. But, just like my hired trash collector, I have a Savior that daily arrives. He anticipates my need to daily rid myself of my soul's refuge, and willingly reaches to take this off my heart's doorstep. He reminds me that I was not created for this, but to live life abundantly (John 10:10). Today's challenge, lay the trash of your soul at His doorstep. He loves trash, for that is what He came to this earth to do. Christ, God's trash collector of the world.


  1. So good!
    I am so proud of you Mom!
    Good food for thought, too! :)

  2. I want to respond, but I guess I don't know how.

  3. Okay, now I will try with my true comment. My trash was picked up today. It feels so good to have the trash bins emptied. Today I am walking in the freedom of trash; the Word shows me things that I did not know were trash. Thanks Lynne.