Friday, December 30, 2011

Duped at Disney?

Jesus said, "Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst again-never...." John 4:13-14 MSG

I have spent the last two days surrounded by the "magic" of Disney. I have been part of the crowds wondering in and out of stores, strolling past Disney characters, Christmas decorations, wide-eyed adults dragging their tired, weary children, and people from all nations and tongues. I have stood in lines to ride exhibits that promise to capture your heart and imagination, while leaving you "thirsting" for more adventure into the next unknown "Disney Wilderness" . I have been mesmerized by the variety of Mickey hats, Disney gear, and character memorabilia donned by both adults and children. Yes, Disney promotes and promises "magic", and they deliver. What is unknown is whether or not Disney's "magic" satisfies the parched and weary soul. Can their magic go back home with these sagging pilgrims and sooth the pain of divorce, the loss of a beloved friend or family member, the sickness of a  child, unpaid bills, the emptiness of a lonely heart, or the  hopelessness and  despair of depression. Will Disney quench the thirst of needing to feel adequate and fulfilled in daily living? Can the "magic" of Disney endure through future sickness, possible unemployment, car repairs, school bills, broken relationships, or perhaps a diagnosis that threatens our existence? Have we been duped to believe Disney can deliver peace and contentment? I believe we have. Peace is not found in drinking in Disney or any other false "magic", but drinking in the life of Christ. Strolling through His promises daily and drinking from His well of truth. Christ, the hope of all our unknowns. Christ, the Son of God who promises to deliver us to an eternal home in heaven where death, nor pain, or tears exist. Heaven, where God himself will reside and make all things new (Revelation 21:1-6 emphasis mine). Christ promises we will never be "thirsty" again. Disney does not make this guarantee. This is why many make the pilgrimage back hoping to recapture this "magic" for one more small moment in time. Am I ungrateful for being given the chance to experience this gilded magic? No, because having experienced it I am more convinced that I have been duped. Today, seek after the well that can deliver rest for your tired soul. Seek Christ. Seek His Kingdom of Hope. He not only delivers, but His promises endure throughout all eternity. Now that is "magic"  

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