Thursday, January 26, 2012

Be Still and Know that I am God...Psalm 46:10

Recently I received another invitation to be part of a new and exciting ministry. Flattered? Yes. Able? No. As this opportunity lay before me, I struggled to do what I knew was right--gracefully decline. But this decision was wrought with pain. Why? Because, it meant I would have to disappoint those who placed their confidence in me and extended the invitation. I would be left to wonder if I had neglected to be a good steward of the gifts and talents that God had infused within. It would be my teary-eyed state of exhaustion that would jolt me into a greater reality. The reality I am referring to is that God created me a "human being" and not a "human doing". God does not desire a relationship with me because I am a good steward of His gifts. I was created to know Him, and this requires me to "be still". Yes, I will serve with my gifts and talents, but not because I have to or fear living with the guilt of disappointing others. I will serve because He loves me and I love Him. Laurie Beth Jones in "Jesus Life Coach" states that we need to choose between what is good and what is great, and that when all the endless acres of "diamond" opportunities lay before our feet, "we [will] need to be able to understand what to pick up and what to put down". Today, I am going to have to say No, so that I can say yes to what really matters-family, friends, and most importantly, God. What do you need to say no to?

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