Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Constantly Nourished

...constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine.... 1 Timothy 4:6

Well, I am back from sunny, warm Central Florida. I brought back lots of citrus and great memories. I left skid marks on the aisle, as I walked off the plane and into cold weather and life's responsibility. I was not disappointed, as the air was cold and laundry awaited my attention. Additionally, I awoke this morning to a furnace that decided to pause and an inside home temp of 59 degrees. Welcome back, I thought to myself. I layered in warm clothes and began to sort and put dirty clothes into the washing machine. Not my laundry, but my families laundry. Perhaps they forgot that the machine does all the work? Here I am, and New Year's resolution number five is already being put to the test: "Do all things that you will...appear as lights in the world." (Philippians 2:14) So, what do I do with this "reality" test?  I choose to live "constantly nourished on the words of faith". I will choose to believe God when He tells me that I do not have to worry about the necessary things in life, for He already knows what I need before I ask (Matthew 6). I will choose to nourish my mind  with thoughts that are true (I have a great husband and two wonderful daughters), honorable, right, pure, lovely, excellent, and worthy of praise (thank you, God, for a washing machine, warm clothing, food, resources to repair my broken furnace, and steady employment for my husband) (Phil. 4:8 emphasis mine). I will not allow the parasite of complaining to rob me from living a life "constantly nourished" on the truths of God. Today, I will choose to live "content in whatever circumstances I am in" (Phil. 4:11). What are you allowing to "nourish" your soul? Is it based on truth? What parasites are robbing you of standing firm in God's faithful promises? Today, I challenge you to stay "constantly nourished on the words of faith". It begins by opening up these Words and taking the first bite.  

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  1. It is good to be nourished "daily." You have made such a good point; the nourishment is there, but I choose to be nourished. It always comes back to my choices. Thanks for the good reminder.