Friday, March 16, 2012

Progressive Vision

"What do you want Me to do for you?" And he said, "Lord, I want to regain my sight!" Luke 18:41

Recently, I accepted a position that offers vision insurance. I was quick to accept, because three people in my family rely upon corrective lenses to have clear vision. Having just recently replaced my old lenses, I decided it would be a great opportunity to order prescriptive sunglasses. My plan has limits, so I chose to order my tri-focal lenses with lines and skip the extra $70 it would cost to have progressive, no line, lenses. Little did I understand what  looking through lenses with lines would create. Distraction. I am greatly distracted by these lines of demarcation. Instead of looking out, I am constantly looking down trying to figure out my focal point. I am careful, as I am fearful that I will misstep and lose my balance. This slows me down considerably, as I navigate from place to place.

I am reminded of the blind man crying out as Jesus was passing by. Jesus stops and commands the man to be brought to him. What happens next is more than a miracle. Jesus asks, "What do you want Me to do for you?" Funny question to a blind man, from my perspective, however, his answer reflects his present state. He responds, " Lord, I want to regain my sight!". Regain? This man must have once had vision, but something happened that cost him to lose sight. The Bible does not tell us what happened, but we do know that Jesus restored his sight. After his sight was restored, the once blinded man began following and glorifying God (Luke 18:43).

With my new glasses, I feel I have lost something I once possessed-my ability to look out and move effortlessly forward. I have lines distracting my view and my attention. I decided having a progressive lens was too costly. What about you? Have you lost your life vision? What have you allowed to distract you from moving out and forward? What are you not willing to give up, because you feel it would cost too much? What is slowing you down?

Today, cry out to God to restore your life vision and give you a progressive lens. Remove the obstacles that create distraction, and move forward. Living with progressive vision will cost you something. Perhaps time you do not think you have. Maybe a relationship that is obscuring your view, or fear creating "false evidence appearing real". Whatever it is, be willing to make the sacrifice. I wish I had.

Father, today, restore my vision. Give me a progressive lens, so that I can live without distractions. Show me what I have allowed to obscure my vision of you and the plans you have ordained for my life. Reveal to me what I need to let go of, so that I can live confident. Today, I cry out for life sight. 

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