Friday, February 3, 2012

Being Intentional

I have made a covenant with my eyes...Job 31:1

Last night my husband and I were given tickets to a college basketball game. Not just any tickets, though, but center court, high-back chair, front row tickets. We could actually reach out and touch the players and referees. Not bad for free, so I thought. Placing us center court, front row, also meant being face to face with tail wagging, breast popping, extremely young pom pom girls. Their smiles were enthusiastic, their pants tight, and their dances provocative. I watched as my husband of nearly 30 years diverted his eyes away each time confronted with these youthful temptations. I also observed that the two men sitting to his left appeared to employ the same technique each time. Forget the other men, they were hooked on the gold and brown babes. Finally, I reached over and thanked my husband for being respectful and not eyeing the "candy" directly in front of him. His response; "I'm having to be intentional. They are right in front of me." I wondered if this was the technique being used by the other two men, or if they simply were not interested. Being Intentional meant my husband made a choice not to look in spite of what his natural inclination desired. This choice accomplished his goal--to not lust after another woman and break the marriage covenant he made nearly three decade ago to me. His being intentional spoke deeply to my heart. How many times have I made an excuse for a job left undone, a relationship neglected, or a phone call not returned. Last night, my husband made no excuses. He simply did what he had to do. Period. I sit cognitive of the new resolutions I just recently penned. They are sitting buried under papers next to my desk and unattended--dinner with friends once a month, individual time with each child, memorize scripture, pray more, and the list goes on. What now is my response? I am going to find those resolutions and throw out my excuses. Like my husband, I am going to be intentional and do what is right regardless of how I feel. I am going to make a covenant to be intentional towards those I love. I am going to divert my eyes away from that which distracts and tempts me to neglect what is important. How about you? What or who have you neglected? Being intentional to do what is right is not easy, but it builds quality relationships and friendships. Today, join me in being intentional and set your eyes on what is necessary and right. 

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