Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please, No Door Knobs For This Girl

The Holy, the True....opening doors no one can lock,
locking doors no one can open....

~Revelation 3:3 The Message

I loathe touching public door handles. Perhaps the course in microbiology I was forced to take in nursing school burned into my mind the hidden dangers of bacteria and viruses that lurk on inanimate objects waiting to claim victory over their next innocent victim-me. I act like a one woman hazmat team when attempting to open and close public doors. 

I wish I held the same caution concerning the doors of my life. I have spent years forcing open "life doors" that have proven unfruitful and have slammed shut open "life doors" that I have viewed as ominous and threatening. The outcome has been restlessness of soul. I have felt like a frog leaping from lily pad to lily pad drowning in the life pond designed to protect and nourish me.

I am beginning to realize when God opens a  life door no effort on my part, or the part of another, can close it, and when He closes a door no one, not even me, can open it.

God assures us that His purpose and plans are specially designed to our unique personality and temperament. He will determine which doors are to be opened and which ones are to be closed. Our job is to trust Him. This trust will save us from sickness of soul and illness of mind. 

Today, I have decided to allow God to remove all the knobs on my life doors and to trust him when a door closes, or is closed, and when one opens. Will you join me?

This hands off approach is preventive medicine for the soul and a promise filled with "new dreams, new possibilities, and new beginnings." (Restored: Healing Prayers and Inspiration for Those Living with Depression by Lynne Jordan)

Today, LORD, I submit to Your Sovereign will. Hands off I stand before You. I trust your Goodness and perfect character. Open and close the life doors you have ordained for me. Amen. 


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