Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cup of Algae Anyone?

If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink

John 7:37

I love fresh eggs. My family has raised chickens since 2000, because I am convinced that the only good egg is the one you retrieve everyday from your personal poultry flock. In recent years I have enjoyed experimenting with a variety of breeds, simply because I enjoy the colors and plumage of these distinct birds. My current flock is beautiful, and I have enjoyed their color and markings. 

Birds like people need daily care. My husband consistently tends to our flock during the nine-month school year, while I take over during the summer months. In our recent transition between him ending his care and me taking over, we lost one of my favorite birds. She had not been sick, to my knowledge, nor had she shown any signs of illness until the day before her death. I mused over the possible cause of death. 

As I began my daily summer care, I noticed that the water container my husband had set out was discolored. Upon further inspection, I was shocked to discover that the water was filled with blue-green algae growth. Had my husband not changed their water? How could he have not noticed the pea-soup colored water? Further, I discovered a swimming pool filled with stagnant water covered in blue-green algae that was tucked behind the chicken coop. Mystery solved. My chicken had died from drinking water contaminated from an over growth of blue-green algae, which can produce a deadly toxin. I went from being sorrowful over the loss of my one hen to grateful that the remaining 29 had actually survived. I removed the pool immediately and scrubbed the water container and filled it with clean, fresh water. 

Drinking algae contaminated water is not a practice I recommend, but many of us daily drink from spiritually contaminated containers filled with "spiritual algae" in an attempt to satisfy our longing and thirsty souls. Our minds and intellect thirst, and we often quench this with material that leaves us panting and dissatisfied. Our souls and emotions thirst too, and we turn to the culture that can leave our souls languishing.  

Jesus is the only source from which our souls can daily drink from and be satisfied. His  "spiritual water" is filled with Hope, Compassion, Loving-kindness, Forgiveness, Justice, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Love, and Goodness. His guarantee is that when we drink from His "water container" we will never thirst again (John 4:14).

What "cup of algae" have you been drinking? Although you may not think your drinking hole is contaminated,  it may be that there is a delayed reaction and that the full impact of your choice has not yet been realized. My hen died. Are you in the process of dying spiritually or emotionally? Today, choose to drink from a source that is pure and clean and promises life eternal and life in abundance. Today, choose Jesus. 

Jesus, thank you for offering "spiritual water" that is pure and promises life eternal. Thank you that your love and kindness never cease and your compassion never fails. Today, I choose to drink from the fountain that sustains and satisfies. Today, I choose you. Amen. 

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