Monday, November 12, 2012

Grace like Grout

The LORD's lovingkindness indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. 
They are new every morning. 

Lamentations 3:22-23

A few years back I led a team of teenagers to the Dominican Republic. Our job was to assist laying block that would become a perimeter wall that would surround a housing compound for orphans and children with special needs. My personal strengths lie in relationships and not labor, but as the leader I needed to lead by example. So, with trowel in hand and mescla (mortar/grout) in bucket, I set out to fill in the gaps between blocks. The grout acted like a bonding agent holding the wall together, in addition to preventing water from future rains penetrating and weakening the structure.The strength, durability, and safety of the wall was in proportion to me mixing and mounting the right amount of grout. Daily I would assess my work and patch holes that had been created by me not applying the proper amount or the right amount of pressure. I discovered that filling in mortar joints was more of a craft than I had first considered. Grout work was for skilled hands. 

Constructing my "life wall" is like the wall I assisted in constructing in the Dominican. I must be mindful to build in a manner that can withstand the pressure, heat, and the torrential rains that life's challenges assail at me. But what happens when my complaining, my sin, and my mindless words of ingratitude and childish attitudes put gaps in my "life wall?" That's when God's grace, like grout, steps in. 

God 's grace, His lovingkindness, His daily compassions reinforce and strengthen the "mortar joints" of my life. God's skillful hands takes grace and lovingly and willingly fills in the gaps created by my careless choices. He skillfully applies the right amount of discipline, so that I will remember what created the gap, and lovingly injects forgiveness. His lovingkindness and compassion reminds me that when I am weak He is strong.

Jesus, God's son, was a carpenter, so I am confident He knows how to reinforce a life that weakens from sin. Jesus daily inspects my "life wall" and offers to dip into His bucket of grace, and with cross in hand, fill in the gaps that threaten to crumble my life. Jesus, my strength and my safety.

Father, today, forgive me of my sins. Let Your grace like grout reinforce the weakness that my sin  creates.  I am weak, but Thou art strong. Today, and everyday, I accept your grace. Amen. 

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