Sunday, September 30, 2012


Listen, my people, to my instruction; incline your ears to the words of my mouth.

Psalm 78:1

Words, words, words. I live in a world filled with words. Daily, I delete annoying emails filled with words that vie for my attention and pocketbook. I listen to newscasters filling the airways with predictions of financial doom, scholastic failure, evil acts, loss through natural disasters, war, famine, and ongoing political banter between political parities. Further, I work in an environment filled with words of those struggling to understand their physical decline, and the hopelessness they feel as a result. By the end of my day, I can be depleted of all hope if it were not for different words I intentionally seek out. 

Psalm 78 grabs my attention, because it instructs me to "incline my ear to the words" of God's mouth. This Psalm goes on to say that the words of God's mouth will sing of "His praises" and "His strength." I am also told to make sure that my children and future generations hear His words so that they will "put their confidence in [Him]." 

Why do I feel the words of this Psalm is worth meditating on? Because what I listen to becomes the place I rest my confidence upon. If I listen intently to the prediction of financial doom, then I fear loss. But if I listen to a God that tells me He can take care of a sparrow, then He can take care of me. If I listen to the perpetual reports of academic failure in this country, then I start to believe that only the educated and wise have purpose. But if I am listening intently to His words, I will here a God that states I was created with purpose, and that my life is meaningful in all moments and everyday. 

You see, we are to place our confidence in Him. We can only do this if we listen intently to what He is saying. Our confidence will rise up as we come to hear that He will avenge those who harm His children, that He is sovereign over poverty, hunger, and disasters. We can trust that regardless of who are political leaders are, that He uses them to accomplish His purposes. We will hear him as He reminds us that He is our healer, and that the healing He offers last beyond the grave. 

Today, incline you ear to different words, His Words, and know that you can rise up in His praise and His strength. Listen intently, because there is one more thing He wants you to be confident in. Listen carefully. Listen as He whispers-I LOVE YOU!

Today, Father , fill my ears with your Words. Fill my heart with Your Words. Fill my life with Your Words. Today, I rest confidently in You, because You, Oh Lord, Love me. Amen. 

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